Top 10 list here.

Number 8: Girls that gas up their ugly friends on wall comments and pictures comments such as “Girl you look too cute in that dress.”  First off, you know damn well your friend looks like Snufaluffagus in a poncho.  I’m all for people having self-esteem, but you should compliment honestly such as “Girl, you really tried your hardest to look cute in that dress.”

I respectfully add: People who “lurve” everything. Reasons below.

Example: “Orange chicken is lurve!!!”

1. Orange chicken is not love.

2. Love is not orange chicken.

3. Bakit hindi mo na lang sabihing “I love orange chicken.”

4. Leche ka at ang lahat ng gumagawa nito. Hindi na nga makapag-ingles nang mahusay ang mga tao ngayon, pa lurve-lurve ka pa diyan in mocking passive voice.