(Sexuality According to The Word of God) Takes the subject of Christian Sexuality on a wtf detour. as in blasphemous tangent alternate universe level.

Sample FAQ

Reader: This is complete blasphemy. You must take this down. To suggest that the Lord Jesus Christ propositioned a woman for a blowjob is preposterous. You are sinning against God by twisting the words of His son. You need to take this down, for your own good.

SIC: We did not mean to suggest that Jesus was propositioning the woman at the well or asked her to give him a blowjob. Of course not! Jesus would never do that. In fact, he refuses to give her the “living water” himself. When she asks him to give her the living water (semen), Christ tells the woman to get her husband. This is so he (Christ) could instruct her on how to give a blowjob to her husband and receive the living water from her husband. Thank you for your concern, and we hope this clarifies matters.

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