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# Profile Name : Master Big Bob
# Real Name : Robie de Guia
# Alias : Bigbob
# Location : Laguna
# Occupation: Businessman
# How long you been a PUA: I’ve been a PUA for two years.

Best experience in Pick up:
# Fastest Pick up (how long?): 20 seconds number close, without saying a word.
# Full close: 50mins from meeting and the 20 minute drive to my pad.

But i do not enjoy fast game, i like to play with my prey before i go for the close.

# Specialties: Day game!
# Favorite line : I’m high maintenance, you have to wine and dine me.
# Your ideal girl?: Petite, fresh, chinita or mestiza, i love nice legs.
# What other people think of your game: I don’t know… they just call me Master.


# Real Name: Salvador Paulo Chua Esquivias III
# Alias: Chickboy
# Location: Las Pinas, Philippines
# Occupation: Elearning developer

# How long you been in Community and as a PUA: Technically 3 years. but 9 years in the game.

# Best experience in Pick up:

# Fastest Pick up (how long?): F-close 1 hour from meet to lay(w/o alcohol)
# Specialties: Natural gaming
# Favorite line: “Let’s make this night the best night of our lives”
# Your ideal girl?: A girl with goals

# What other people think of your game??: They idolize me


# Real Name: Marco Mallari
# Alias: Sir yuri
# Location: Manila
# Occupation: Entrepreneur, Forex Trader, Personality Development Coach
# How long you been in Community and as a PUA: 3 years
# Best experience in Pick up: My colleagues chose a girl(moving set) made my approach, and it was a instadate in less than 5minutes
# Fastest Pick up (how long?): 5minutes
# Specialties: I use the persuasion skills I learned in pick-up in business and everyday social interaction. Very powerful stuff!
# Favorite line: I think I’m lost where is the nearest bookstore?
# Your ideal girl?: In control and knows what she wants.

# What other people think of your game??: They think that the skills I acquired are very dangerous and at the same time empowering.


a 27 year old guy that accidentally discovered the community in 2004, he helped establish the first Manila Lair and studied the principles of attraction and seduction to the hilt to complement his innate skill set which propelled him into a cascade of mind-bending field adventures and fun.

An avid practitioner of Real Social Dynamics principles, right mentalities and attitudes of fun, he will MAKE you approach at the same time make you WANT TO approach and practice to polish your game consistently until it’s cutting edge.

He is a firm believer in putting your real personality on the line and will pummel your head with that every minute of field time.

An avid reader of business and psychology and self-actualization materials, he also likes to play chess in his free time.


# Real Name: Ssein Meneses
# Alias: Smooth
# Location : Virginia / Philippines
# Occupation: Full Time PUA Instructor
# How long you been in Community and as a PUA: 3 years
# Best experience in Pick up: pick up an actress F-close
# Fastest Pick up (how long?): 10 minutes f-close
# Specialties: Hired Guns Game
# Favorite line: “you look like my grandma”

# Your ideal girl? Brunette or blonde long hair, blue eyes, wearing high heels, sexy lips, five foot 9 inches to six foot three inches. Very nice hands and toes.
# what other people think of your game??: Believable


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